Sponsor our PROGRAM!

  Jeffrey Potts and the Fit-Is-It image are becoming synonymous with fitness, health and well-being in kids.  Through television, magazines and newspapers, school programs, and youth organizations such as the YMCA, we are already reaching great numbers of children.

  It is the goal of Fit-Is-It to build a national network to inspire kids to embrace a healthy lifestyle like never before.  By joining us, you are able to associate in a unique way with kids, fitness, health and well-being.

  We are looking for passionate affiliate sponsors who share our ideals locally, and nationally. There are countless opportunities for your company’s brand to be recognized among families as being associated with Fit-Is-It.   

  Television advertisements, radio interviews, personal appearances and print media are some of the many avenues to brand your logo through the Fit-Is-It program.   As partners we can help change the life quality of children across the country.  Kids are more than 50% of our  population - and 100% of our future!

  We look forward to discussing with your PR and Marketing Department the possibility of a sponsorship that will benefit both our program and your company or organization.  If you share our goal, please do not hesitate to contact us.  

  As a team, we can have a strong relationship and a meaningful impact on the health and character development of our youth.  Together we can inspire healthy changes in children and their families!