About Us 

 Jeffrey Potts has performed as an entertainer for over 25 years.  Educating and entertaining through various characters, he became most famous as Bungles the Clown .  In 2007, Jeffrey realized that poor eating habits and lack of exercise had resulted in his becoming overweight and lacking the endurance needed to be a top notch performer, Jeffrey decided it was time for a life change. Developing healthier eating practices and daily exercise have shown amazing results.

  Many great family entertainers influenced Jeffrey’s decision to become an Edu-tainer (an entertainer who also educates). He loved, Mr. Rogers, Captain Kangaroo, and Sesame Street.   Following in the tradition of these icons, it is his mission to see children blossom and grow into healthy, confident adults.  Utilizing his skills as a performer and personal knowledge of healthy living he strives to motivate children to make wise choices.

 “To think that some kids look at me the way I looked up to those entertainers is such an incredible honor and responsibility.  If I can inspire children to better themselves through nutrition and physical fitness that is fun, and be involved in building their character and self esteem, then I count myself a success.  Fitness has changed my life and it can change theirs too.”